Coworking Space

Tired of a slow internet connection? We can hook you up with a fiber optics connection.
You can come to do some work, upload your holiday pictures or just spend some time on Youtube.

Coworking Space in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

What we offer


Nice Desks

We have over 20 desks with comfortable office chairs, as well as other seating options. Most of them offer jungle views.
Feel free to change desks throughout your stay.

Meeting Rooms

We have 2 meeting rooms and a small private room for calls.

Meeting Rooms


You can also work and/or relax in our lounge area. We have bean bags, sofas and a couple of games.

Not your usual coworking space

If you’re a digital nomad, you might have already visited a fair amount of coworking spaces all around the world. 
Well… let me tell you something… we’re not your typical coworking space!

One thing we wanted to focus on while structuring our space was to ensure that we incorporated some Pura Vida.
If you’re not familiar with Costa Rica yet, Pura Vida is a famous saying here meaning that we shouldn’t take things too seriously, but embrace life for what it is. That’s especially true in the Caribbean coast and in Puerto Viejo.

Don’t be afraid though, we have taken all measures for people to be productive. We have office desks and chairs, a solid fiber optics line and delicious, organic coffee!

Choose your plan

We offer two different pricing options.
One based on usage, allowing you to buy a time package and use it as you wish over one month, the other a membership allowing you to come as often as you want for a week or a month and also have access to discounts, the coworking area and more.

DAY $15
WEEK $40
MONTH $150
1 hour $4
2 hours $6
6 hours $15
12 hours $24

Tailored packages

Coworking, disccounts in local activites, accomodation & shops

Standard & Premium

Save time and let us organize your stay

Coworking in Costa Rica

Why work in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a great country to work from for many reasons. The biodiversity is rich and you can easily see lots of wildlife. From our coworking space you can spot a family of howler monkeys that lives in Puerto Viejo. Besides monkeys, you can see sloths, birds, iguanas and many more. The surrounding jungle also brings some extra peace and helps when you have to work under tight deadlines. 

Another reason is that people here are lovely! This alone is a sufficient reason to decide to work in Costa Rica. People are just so nice and relaxed. They’re always willing to help and so is our staff. If you have any questions regarding the area or Costa Rica in general, don’t hesitate to ask. We won’t bite!

We truly believe that Costa Rica is a great destination for digital nomads. If you’re still looking for a coworking space around the globe, we hope that we managed to convey some of the love we have for the country throughout this little paragraph and hope to see you soon in Puerto Viejo!


Most frequent questions and answers

We have over 20 desks with comfortable office chairs, as well as other seating options. Most of them offer jungle views.
Feel free to change desks throughout your stay.

We have fiber optics, which means we have a symmetrical connection. You get the same download and upload speed. We constantly monitor our speed and usage and adjust if need be.
Our line allows to download big files, upload videos or make phone calls using Skype/Zoom or other without problems.

We are open Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm.
84 hours a week! We do hope that you don’t work that much as there are plenty of nice beaches and jungle around!

Yes we do. You can rent one for $5 for 2 hours or $10 for the whole day.
Both of them are to use wihin the premise and work with Windows 10.

Whenever the rooms are free you are welcome to use them as a shared office. However, you can also book a room if needed. The rate starts at $5/hour.

You can bring small snacks and fruits. We’re also a vegan cafe and you may order food from our menu. However, as we are a plant-based venue, we do not allow people to bring any products containing meat or fish. 

We have partnered with a local shop accross the street that offers all kinds of printing services.  All you need to do is send them what you need to print via email and they’ll do it for you. They are open Monday to Saturday.

You can click here to get in touch with us, or you can simply pass by and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!